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Universal Process
1/4 DIN Controller

PID controller with multiple control strategies
-  single loop, heat/cool, motorized valve, auto/manul, analog backup or indicator

Three large LED displays with deviation bargraph
-  clear and easy to follow display with color-coordinated function keys


Comprehensive input/output capabilities
-  three analog inputs, two analog outputs, up to four relays and four digital inputs plus RS485 MODBUS for total flexibility


Process security and plant safety
-  loop break alarm, processor watchdog, password protection and intelligent power recovery


PC configuration for ease of setup
-  access to advanced feature and standard settings to reduce configuration time


Advanced cost-saving functions
-  math blocks, logic equations, real-time alarms, custom linearizers and soft wiring


Unique Control Efficiency Monitor (CEM)
-  two autotune algorithms plus manual fine-tune using CEM for optimum performance


IP66/NEMA4X front face protection
-  reliability in the harshest environments


Factory Warranty
-  Two years from date of purchase

The COMMANDER 351 Universal Process controller is a versatile, single loop controller with multiple control features built-in as standard, e.g. gain scheduling, heat/cool, alarm logic, maths and linearizers.

With the ability to configure for different applications, using the inbuilt library of application templates, plus the advanced autotune facility, the C351 is ready to run in minutes. Configurations can also be edited and stored off-line using our Windows-based PC Configurator software.

Analog, relay and logic control outputs are fitted as standard; plus three analog inputs, with a built-in 2-wire transmitter power supply. With the option to add extra input/outputs, for more complex applications, and MODBUS serial communications for integration with factory automation systems.

IP66 (NEMA4X) front panel protection makes the COMMANDER 351 an extremely robust controller, suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial environments.



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As standard the COMMANDER 351 is fitted with three analog inputs (two universal, one non-universal), transmitter power supply, two analog outputs or one analog/one logic output, two relays and two digital inputs

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